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Wagyu Fat-Infused Brussel Sprouts Chips

INGREDIENTS Wagyu drippings, Brussel sprouts, sea salt DIRECTIONS 1. Collect Wagyu fat, and render evenly in a pan. * see notes below2. Peel off 3-4 outer leaves of Brussel sprouts. ( reserve remaining sprouts for another application )3. Deep fry in Wagyu fat at 300°F, until crispy but not browned.4. Strain on a paper towel…
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Nibitashi Daikon and Seasoned Quail Egg

INGREDIENTS daikon, quail eggs, Wagyu fat and trimmings, thinly sliced yellow onion, Tsuyu (soy, mirin, sake, dashi) DIRECTIONS 1. Heat a small amount of Wagyu fat in a saucepan, add thinly sliced yellow onions and sauté until soft and caramelized.2. In a frying pan, brown meat trimmings roughly diced, cooking all the way through. 3.…
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Dashi-maki Tamago Sando

INGREDIENTS 1 dashi packet Kubara Dashi Pack3 Eggs1 teaspoon Sugar1 tablespoon Water4 slices Shokupan or Sandwich Bread DIRECTIONS 1. Tear open dashi packet and pour contents into a bowl. Add eggs, sugar and water and whisk. Set aside. 2. Drizzle vegetable oil into a well-heated nonstick egg skillet and allow the oil to coat the…
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Bruschetta with Balsamic Soy Sauce

Bruschetta with Balsamic Soy Sauce INGREDIENTS 4 slices Baguette 2 tablespoons Balsamic Soy Sauce <Prosciutto and Orange> 2 slices Prosciutto 1/4 piece Orange, sliced 2 tablespoons Cream Cheese 1 piece Italian Parsley, chopped <Tomato & Mozarella> 2 pieces Cherry Tomato, sliced Mozzarella, as needed 4-5 leaves Basil, chopped DIRECTIONS 1. Toast baguette until lightly browned.…
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Roasted Duck with Balsamic Soy Sauce

Roasted Duch with Balsamic Soy Sauce INGREDIENTS 1 piece Roasted Duck 3-4 slices Orange 1 tablespoons Balsamic Soy Sauce <Garnish> 1 scoop Mashed Potatoes 1 spear Asparagus 20 grams Shimeji Mushrooms DIRECTIONS 1. Slice the Roasted Duck Meat. 2. On a plate, place sliced oranges and arrange Roasted Duck Slices on top. Plate other garnishes.…
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Kanten + Shochu Jelly Cocktails

[caption id="attachment_7196" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Clockwise from top left: Matcha KANchu Latte, Umeshu KANchu and Yuzu KANchu[/caption] Looking for new ways to serve desserts? Try these deliciously boozy, Japanese desserts-inspired kanten-jelly cocktails.  Made with Shochu and Kanten, a gelling agent derived from seaweed, these desserts are vegetarian and vegan-friendly. Matcha KANchu Latte INGREDIENTS (Yield 16 servings,…
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Savory Sweets: Mitarashi Dango 4 Ways

Mitarashi Dango is one of the many very traditional Japanese Mochi sweets skewered onto sticks in groups of 3–5 and covered with a sweet soy sauce glaze. Although it is relatively easy to make Mitarashi Dango, achieving the perfectly soft mochi texture can be tricky. Take the guesswork out and improve kitchen efficiency with Frozen…
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Cranberry Shochu

This haunting drink is a great addition to a Halloween menu. Ingredients: 2 ounce Shochu 2 ounce cranberry juice Club soda Pour the Shochu into a glass, then add the cranberry juice and club soda. Stir well.    Takara Shochu Takara Shochu packs a potent 24% alcohol level, with a light and mildly fruity flavor.…
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Tosani (Tosa Style Simmered Bamboo Shoots)

[caption id="attachment_5337" align="aligncenter" width="640"] Recipe Courtesy of Yamaki Co., Ltd.[/caption] Usher in the spring season with this simple and delicious recipe featuring bamboo shoots. Tosa is a former province of Japan, presently known as Kochi prefecture, located in Southwestern Shikoku island. The region is famous for its delicious Katsuo (bonito), Katsuobushi (bonito flakes) and other Katsuo…
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