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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Discover Japanese New Year’s Cuisine – Osechi Ryori

  New Year is the single most important holiday in Japan, and special Osechi-ryōri are traditional Japanese New Year foods.  Colorful Osechi-ryōri dishes are packed in layers of lacquer boxes, called jubako, which resemble bento boxes.  Like bento boxes, jūbako are often kept stacked before and after use. New Year's Day is one of the…
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2015 Expo Report: Alcoholic Beverages

[smart-grid row_height="770" style="8" font_size="0.875em" font_weight="normal" lightbox="magnific-popup"] [gallery columns="1" size="full" ids="4836"] [/smart-grid] Mutual Trading’s 27th Annual Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo featured a record-setting 62 breweries, pouring over 236 Sake, Shochu, Ji-Beer, and Wines from Japan. Business operators and chefs sought out new products, in particular, Sake at the high-end of the spectrum in prices and…
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Saba Mackerel

[caption id="attachment_4819" align="alignleft" width="770"] 1. Sashimi | 2. Shabu Shabu | 3. Sushi | 4. Misomi (Saba Simmered in Miso) | 5. Shime Saba (Cured Mackerel)[/caption] Saba (mackerel) is grouped as a hikari-mono or shiny fish which includes Sanma (pacific saury), Iwashi (sardines), and Aji (jack mackerel). It can be caught year round, however, when…
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Winning Customers with Oden & Warm Sake

As winter gusts whip through many parts of their island country, Japanese seek refuge in foods for warmth, comfort, and good company. Oden ( pronounced oh-den ) is the ultimate comfort food, a slow food, served hot, to linger onto one’s tummy, palate, and heart. Oden is an assortment of slow simmered foods including Surimi…
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