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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Ji-Beer: Premium Craft Beer Imported from Japan

[metaslider id=2423] In recent years, popularity of premium micro-brewed beers has exploded worldwide.  Have you tried JI-BEER, the artisan craft beer, brewed in Japan? From the Food Network programs, from travels to international destinations, and from immigrant influx introducing interesting ethnic cuisine, these have all embellished today’s American culinary landscape, fueling our knowledge and nourishing…
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Kikumasamune Cup Sake, Yokaichi Mugi & Zakka

  Kikumasamune Dry Sake Cup Umami-rich flavor with a clean and dry finish. Item Number: 6403 Package: 6/5/180ml Origin: Hyogo, Japan Alcohol Content: 15%         Yokaichi Mugi A nose of elegant bouquet with a clean and smooth flavor. Item Number: 9058 Package: 6/750ml Origin: Miyazaki, Japan Alcohol Content: 48 Proof    …
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Aji, Ayu & Edamame

  MTC Recommends: Frozen Aji Fillet Item Number: 73120-1 Package: 30/7oz (2pcs) Origin: Japan Also known as Japanese Horse Mackerel, Aji is at its tastiest from May to July.         Frozen Ayu Item Number: 73879 Package: 10/2.2lbs (10pcs) Origin: Japan The most delicious of all river fish, Ayu is best enjoyed skewered…
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DASHI: The Basic Foundation of Japanese Cuisine

What Is Dashi? Dashi is Japanese stock. It’s the foundation to all authentic Japanese cooking, a base for soups and sauces, and is essential for making Nimono. It’s the building block or the secret 5th flavor, Umami, full of amino acids that create inexplicable "deliciousness".  Dashi is comparable to soup stocks or bouillon in Western…
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2015 Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo

REGISTRATION IS OVER! Where: Pasadena Convention Center 300 E Green St., Pasadena, CA 91101 Time: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm alcohol sampling ends at 3pm Seminar Schedule Kappabashi Marketplace 2014 Expo Photo Gallery What is Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo? Mutual Trading Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo is the largest showcase of Japanese food, alcohol…
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