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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Oberglas Glasses

Item Numbers: 97725 (Champagne), 97726 (Sake/Rum), 97727 (Pilsner), 97746 (Sensation Whisky), 97745 (Passion Whisky)
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Yuki Okudaira

ULTS: What No One Tells You About Presented by Yuki Okudaira Director General, Japan Seafood Council Yuki Okudaira was born and raised near Tsukiji market in Tokyo, Japan. He has over 20 years’ experience in distribution of seafood products. Yuki currently works for Nishiuo Marketing exporting seafood products all over the world. Yuki joined Japan Seafood…
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Takeyoshi Honda

The King of Sake Rice, Yamadanishiki Presented by Takeshi Honda Chairman, Honda Shouten Takeyoshi Honda, the 83-year-old Chairman of Honda Shoten, is the founder and charter President of the Ginjo Association that put GINJO SHU on the map, thus propelling the Sake industry into the modern era of boutique, fine Jizake. He currently leads studies at…
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Misao Hirano

Hocho Service Center Presents: Knife Sharpening Lecture & Demonstration Presented by Misao Hirano President, Tsukiji Masamoto Tsukiji Masamoto is one of Japan’s premier knife makers. Founded in 1845, the company began producing cutlery in workshops located outside Tokyo. Today, the 7th-generation owner, Misao Hirano, runs his venerable business from within the city’s famed Tsukiji wholesale fish…
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2016 Expo Medama Catalog

KAPPA-BASHI MARKETPLACE TSUKIJI MASAMOTO CHEF’S KNIVES SPECIAL: 25% OFF EXPO-EXCLUSIVE KNIVES: ONE-DAY SHOW SPECIAL SALE! (limited quantity) JAPANESE CERAMIC-WARE:  50% OFF FACTORY-DIRECT PRICES SHOWROOM-WIDE SPECIALS: UP TO 25% OFF BUYER'S GUIDE Quantities are limited; please arrive early for best selection. Make your selection, fill out the order sheet and submit with payment at the check-out…
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