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Curry: Hot, Versatile & Universal Appeal

Summer is quickly coming to an end but there’s plenty of warm days ahead! Curry is a versatile and universally appealing dish – perfect all year round! CLICK HERE, to read on quick prep serving ideas.
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Wagyu: Fresh vs Frozen

As businesses all over the US breathe a sigh of relief at the removal of capacity limits and COVID-19 related restrictions, the foodservice industry now faces another challenge – a limited supply of goods. Chefs accustomed to using fresh Wagyu are now being driven toward the frozen form. CLICK HERE, to read more about fresh…
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Increase Profits? Japanese Craft Beer-CAN!

As restaurants everywhere are gearing up towards opening indoor dining at growing capacity, outdoor dining and takeout are still going strong and are expected to continue to be part of the new normal dining options. Looking at recent trends, one way for restauranteurs to stay profitable is to add Japanese craft beer to the menu…
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Mover Over Toro, Here Comes Wagyu!

As the commercial distribution and consumption of Wagyu evolve to suit the needs of the current environment, many chefs are finding ways to think outside the box. Can Wagyu-Sushi join the ranks of Edomae Sushi in America? To find out more, CLICK HERE to read the full editorial.
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DIY Take-Out Meal Kits In The Time of COVID

With ongoing Stay At Home Orders and restriction of indoor and outdoor dining, restaurants and foodservice industries continue to assess business operations as they look for creative and profitable ways to boost sales. Some businesses have found success in curating takeout and delivery menu in line with the current lifestyle of their customers. One such…
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Take-outs with a Flair

As COVID-19 changes how Americans eat and take-out dining continue to be the norm, chefs are becoming more mindful of their take-out presentations. With Japan’s long history of bento-making tracing back to the 12th century, it’s now evolved into art-like creations. Today, beautiful bento presentations are inspiring chefs to create their own signature take-out menu.…
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Zero Waste: Redefining Wagyu Scraps & Trimmings

Trade Tricks to Using Every Ounce of Miyazaki Beef In recent years, there’s been some noticeable shifts in the restaurant industry with Wagyu being offered outside the high-end restaurants. Beyond the typical serving styles as steak, Shabu-Shabu, and grills, Wagyu is now appearing with Sushi, Tempura, and skewers. Further breaking from traditional Japanese cuisine, Wagyu…
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Boosting Shochu Enjoyment

Shochu is a type of distilled spirits, much like whisky and tequila. What’s quite unique about Shochu that sets it apart from any other distilled spirits in the world, is the base ingredients, fermentation method, distillation process, and the fermented liquid, all of which contribute to the finesse of the final brew. To the consumer,…
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Tips on Preparing NURU-KAN Warmed Sake

Preparing Nuru-Kan warmed Sake at the best serving temperature can be a delicate process, and doing so at a business establishment with consistency poses challenges. The type of Sake, flavor characteristics and food pairings must all be taken into consideration. So, below are some key points in preparing the best Nuru-Kan. Start out by finding…
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