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Monthly Archives: January 2018

2018 Top 20 Culinary Trends

The National Restaurant Association's "what's hot in 2018" predicts menu and culinary trends for the year ahead. The list is carefully complied after surveying 700 professional chefs, all members of the American Culinary Federation. Below are the top 20 food trends in 2018 and Mutual Trading’s product picks:
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2017 Expo Report: New Products & New Trends

The 2017 Mutual Trading Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo in New York and in Los Angeles, brought together 126 record-breaking number of suppliers, as business owners, buyers, and chefs gathered with heightened anticipation in search for new products and new trends. On center stage were many demonstrations and seminars prepared by experts in their respective…
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2017 Expo Report: Alcoholic Beverage

Every year, the Liquor Pavilion at Mutual Trading’s Japanese Food & Restaurant EXPO attracts a growing number of guests. And this year was no exception, with more brewery participants exhibiting new products, which in turn, drove in restaurant owners, sommeliers, chefs, and trade professionals. And here, as with every year, the overwhelming buzz heard across…
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2017 Expo Report: ULTS

Fourteen years ago, Mutual Trading aimed to elevate the quality and widen the availability of fresh seafood using a newly developing technology, super freezing. By quickly freezing just-caught seafood to deep-frigid temperatures of minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit, individual cells can withstand harm as compared to conventional freezing/defrosting methods where cell walls would burst, releasing flavor…
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