Nibitashi Daikon and Seasoned Quail Egg


daikon, quail eggs, Wagyu fat and trimmings,
thinly sliced yellow onion, Tsuyu (soy, mirin, sake, dashi)


1. Heat a small amount of Wagyu fat in a saucepan, add thinly sliced yellow onions and sauté until soft and caramelized.
2. In a frying pan, brown meat trimmings roughly diced, cooking all the way through.
3. Add to caramelized onions. Add Tsuyu, enough to cover the daikon and eggs to be added.
4. Peel and cut daikon 1-inch thick. Boil quail eggs till hard-boiled, then peel. Add daikon and egg to dashi mixture, and simmer at low heat for 30-45 minutes until daikon becomes tender.
5. Remove from heat, keep covered, and let cool slowly for flavors to meld, overnight.
6. The next day, reheat and serve.

Photo & Recipe by

Chef Nobuo Fukuda,
James Beard Award Winner, Chef & Owner, Nobuo at Teeter House

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