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Sake On The Rocks

Sake On The Rocks commenced on July 24, 2015 at JACCC plaza in Little Tokyo. This is Mutual Trading's 9th year of...

Amaebi, Unagi, Somen & Tofu

Frozen Amaebi Frozen, sashimi-grade amaebi shrimp. Item Number: 70392-1 (Extra Large) Package: 12/2.2lbs (20-24pcs) Origin: Item Number: 70391-1 (Large) Package: 12/2.2lbs (25-33pcs) Origin:       Frozen Unagi Item Number: 70284 Package:...

Ramen Salad

The popularity of Ramen has grown tremendously in the US, with ramen shops popping up everywhere. This summer, add...

Hamo No Yubiki (Blanched Hamo)

  • Frozen Honekiri Hamo , defrosted
  • Bainiku
  • Shiso leaf, optional
  1. Fill a pot with water and bring to a boil. Fill a...

Hamo (Pike Conger)

Hamo or pike conger is a type of sea-water eel. Much like eel, hamo contains fat and is believed to...