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Monthly Archives: April 2017

NURU-KAN: Umami-Packed Drinking Enjoyment

Drinking Nuru-Kan warmed Sake during the wintertime has existed from back in the 8th century among the upper echelon of Japanese society. By the 16th century, this practice gradually spread through other communities, and Nuru-Kan, once relished exclusively during the cold seasons came to be enjoyed all year round. Following the culmination of what was…
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Tips for Selling More Shochu

What is Shochu? That is a question often asked by restaurant customers. While few associate Shochu to Korean Soju, to most, Shochu is just another Asian alcoholic beverage. However, despite the curiosity, most customers show little interest in the production process of Shochu. So how do you explain what Shochu is? And how do you…
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