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Monthly Archives: November 2015

Shochu Cocktails: Start with Classic Cocktail Variations

Mutual Trading sponsored its 27th Annual Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center on Saturday, October 10th. Over 2,400 trade professional guests attended to see 130 exhibitors, with the liquor pavilion expanding to hold over 50 breweries. This year’s Expo reached the highest turnout and sales record. And among the numerous expo…
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Mutual Trading Reps Visit Takara

More than sixty Mutual Trading sales reps visited Takara Sake USA Inc. The trip was planned for the reps to further extend expertise on Sake brewing through a guided tour of the newly expanded plant. The group held forums on product development and on lively exchange of marketing ideas. Thirty-three years ago was the start…
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2015 Expo Report: Food

Mutual Trading’s shows in New York on October 3rd, and in Los Angeles on October 10th, broke records, attracting 130 Japanese food business exhibitors and 4,000+ professional industry guests. These two events, in addition to the Mutual Group Cherry Company’s in Honolulu in early summer, are dedicated to industry professionals, and are the largest and…
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Yakitori & Yakimono on the Menu?

Recent wave of Japanese casual dining style sweeping America has given boost to a familiar genre of Japanese foods: YAKITORI and YAKIMONO, consisting of chicken, meats, seafoods and vegetables, skewered and grilled over hot charcoal. Just like Sushi and other popular Japanese cuisine, there’s an element of artistry over these grilled foods which call for…
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Baby Hotate (Scallops) & Ozeno Yukidoke Junmai

Baby hotate scallops are some of the most coveted delicacies in Japan. Freshly-caught baby hotate scallops from Mutsu Bay in Aomori are processed immediately to seal in the rich taste, sweet flavor and firm texture. Fully-cooked and ready to use. [caption id="attachment_4312" align="alignleft" width="270"] FROZEN BABY HOTATE HIMOTSUKI | Item Number: 71097 | Package: 5/2.2lbs…
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