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Monthly Archives: January 2019

Tips on Preparing NURU-KAN Warmed Sake

Preparing Nuru-Kan warmed Sake at the best serving temperature can be a delicate process, and doing so at a business establishment with consistency poses challenges. The type of Sake, flavor characteristics and food pairings must all be taken into consideration. So, below are some key points in preparing the best Nuru-Kan. Start out by finding…
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2018 Expo Report: ULTS

At this year’s 30th Annual Mutual Trading Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo, drawing a crowd of anxious onlookers at the central seminar stage, was the whole bluefin tuna carving demonstration by Chef Katsuya Uechi, chef-owner of Katsuya Group Restaurants. The job at hand was a 200-pound bluefin tuna flown in from Oita Prefecture. Viewers drew…
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2018 Expo Report: Food

At this year’s 30th Annual Mutual Trading Japanese Food & Restaurant Expo, exhibitors rolled out their best to offer special promotional savings to thank clients on this commemorative anniversary event. And with Washoku rising higher and wider in popularity, and with industry professionals in search for the better and the quicker and reasonably priced, the…
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2018 Expo Report: Alcohol Beverage

30 years in the running, Mutual Trading hosted the Annual Japanese Food and Restaurant Expo on September 22 at the Pasadena Convention Center, the largest and the longest running trade show of its kind outside of Japan. For one day, the exhibition halls were abuzz with 133 suppliers and 2,660+ trade professional attendees, most decision…
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