Tatsuriki Nihon No Sakura Gold Junmai Daiginjo


The best sake is undoubtedly made from quality rice. Using only top class Yamadanishiki rice, selected from Special A area in Hyogo (the best sake rice region in Japan), Tatsuriki Nihon No Sakura Kinpaku is a full-body type Junmai Daiginjo with fruity aroma. Soft on the palate, the balanced layers of sweetness and richness spread widely in the mouth as it follows through with a refreshing acidic tail.

The cherry blossom shaped gold flakes infused in this sake imparts luxurious feel making this a top choice for special occasions.

Item Number: 1605 (1.8L), 1606 (720ml)
Package: 6/1.8L, 10/720ml
Origin: Hyogo, Japan
Alcohol Content: 16%
Nihonshudo: +6.0

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