Mutsu Otokoyama Chokara Junmai

This Aomori craft Sake is made with a focus on select rice and yeast from their own prefecture, and utilizes Hachinohe, Kanisawa District's famed water for brewing. Be it Japanese or Western, this Sake has a crisp finish that compliments and enhances flavors from any cuisine. The harmony of mellow richness and umami make this refreshingly smooth, dry Sake one you are sure to enjoy.

Item Number: 9710 (1.8 Lit), 9720 (720ml), 9721 (300ml)
Package: 6/1.8 Lit, 12/720 ml, 24/300 ml
Origin: Aomori, Japan
Brewery: Hachinohe Shuzou Co., Ltd.
Alcohol Content: 16%
Nihonshudo: +11.0

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