Hyaku Moku Junmai Daiginjo

This extraordinary Sake is brewed with 100% Yamada Nishiki rice from Hyogo's Yokawa region, which is one of the few rice fields that have soil quality capable of producing "Special-A" grade Grand Cru Sake rice, and the famed Miyamizu, a historically revered Sake brewing water. The Sake is pressed using a yabuta machine that allows Sake to be pressed consistently with zero oxygen exposure.

This Special Cuvee can also is the face of Hyaku Moku Sake series. The fruity aroma is refreshing and expansive. The elegant sweetness and lively acidity give way to a pleasantly biting, trailing note connected to a clean finish.

Item Number: 8466
Package: 6/720 ml
Origin: Hyogo, Japan
Brewery: Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing Co.,Ltd.
Alcohol Content: 15-16%
Nihonshudo: +0.5

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