Maguro Tuna Butcher Diagram

For Sushi, tuna is king.  And among the many types, bluefin Kuro Maguro ranks at the top.  However popular, tuna is a very fragile fish, not able to withstand conventional freezing procedure.  Resolution can be found in the revolutionary, advanced super-frozen technology that quickly deep freezes to a -75 degree F, thus preventing cell corrosion and minimizing dripping.  ULTS Ultra Low Temperature Seafood line is a technologically advanced line of seafoods with a “Fresher Than Fresh” proposition.

Upper Back "Sekami"
Semi-fatty with  less red meat and fat.  More fatty and tender than Senaka.

Mid-back "Senaka"
A combination of superb and standard grade red meat, that is fatty, but a bit fibrous.

Lower Back "Seshimo"
Deep red- colored, with little fat, along with many fine fibers.

Upper Abdomen "Harakami"
Is the highest quality fatty tuna, with marbling throughout.  Toro cuts come from this portion of fish.

Mid-abdomen "Haranaka"
The superb semi-fatty cut, with red meat marbled with fat.  Yields cuts with a good balance of tuna flavor and creamy fat texture.

Lower Abdomen "Harashimo"
Semi-fatty tuna and red meat. No sickly fattiness. Moderate quality fat.



O-TORO Fatty Tuna:  Is densely marbled for a mouthful of creamy sweetness, and a melt in the mouth texture.

CHU-TORO Semi-Fatty Tuna: Is a premium cut, highlighting the best qualities of the Maguro fat and red meat. Perfectly combines quality tuna fat for flavor and texture, and the great fresh aroma of the red meat.  This cut allows a stark presentation as the meat is a deep red color, as well as a flavorful dish.

AKAMI Red Meat Tuna:  Holds a strong aroma from the raw-freshness of the flesh.  Highest quality red meat Maguro has extra mellow and elegant flavor, with a hint of sourness.


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