2017 Expo Report: ULTS

Fourteen years ago, Mutual Trading aimed to elevate the quality and widen the availability of fresh seafood using a newly developing technology, super freezing. By quickly freezing just-caught seafood to deep-frigid temperatures of minus 60 degrees Fahrenheit, individual cells can withstand harm as compared to conventional freezing/defrosting methods where cell walls would burst, releasing flavor through the drip. By deep freezing, fish and shellfish can retain the “just-caught” freshness until the moment they’re defrosted for use, for a quality that’s “Fresher than Fresh”.

In 2003, Mutual Trading built the first commercial super freezer warehouse on the west coast and launched the Ultra-Low-Temperature Seafood, or simply ULTS. From the onset, Mutual Trading partnered with fishermen and packers in Japan, to develop exclusive ULTS line of products destined for the Japanese foodservice trade in the US. This teamwork created a free-flowing communication directly between professional chefs in America relaying their specific preferences with the Japanese suppliers, leading to rapid product development.

Now, Japanese restaurants in America can feature some of the short-lived seasonal products ordinarily restricted to Japan. With ULTS, there’s a wider product selection, availability of some rare items, a definite quality upgrade, and improved safety assurance.


  1. Seafood harvested at the peak of the season can be enjoyed at its very “Peak”.
  2. Short-lived seasonal products from Japan can be enjoyed here, all throughout the year.
  3. “Fresher than Fresh” quality – While Tsukiji-flown fish can take 3 ~ 4 days to arrive at a West Coast kitchen, ULTS are “hours old” as their live cells “stop deteriorating” upon reaching the super-frozen stage.
  4. Super freezer at -60 F degrees, versus conventional freezer at -20 F degree: this is the quality assurance difference.
  5. With the freezing process, risks of parasites are eradicated.


SUPER FROZEN REIKUN HAMACHI FILLET | Item Number: 70965 | Package: About 5.5lbs | Origin: Ehime, Japan

SUPER FROZEN HERB SABA | Item Number: 70088 | Package: About 1.1 lbs | Origin: Nagasaki, Japan

SUPER FROZEN HERB TAI FILLET | Item Number: 73082 | Package: About 0.55 lb | Origin: Nagasaki, Japan

SF OOTORO SAKU SUPER CUT | Item Number: 74395 | Package: About 1 lb | Origin: Turkey

SUPER FROZEN HYOSHOKU HONMAGURO OOTORO | Item Number: 70098 | Package: About 10lbs (6-7pcs) | Origin: Oita, Japan

SUPER FROZEN KUROSHIO HONMAGURO OOTORO | Item Number: 1393 | Package: About 10 lbs (6-7 pcs) | Origin: Kochi, Japan

SUPER FROZEN SHIRO TSUBUGAI HIRAKI (L) | Item Number: 70800 | Package: 10/1.1 lbs (about 15 pcs) | Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

FROZEN HOKKAIDO IKURA AJITSUKE | Item Number: 72724 | Package: 20/1.1lbs | Origin: Hokkaido, Japan

SUPER FROZEN YOBUKO KENSAKI IKA ROUND (L) | Item Number: 70298 | Package: About 0.88lb | Origin: Saga, Japan

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