Kounotori Natural Koshihikari Rice

The abundant nature, ecosystem, and natural environment that surrounds the Kounotori (Japanese stork) is where this Koshihikari rice is raised, with farming methods created out of consideration to the Kounotori's development. Based on pesticide-free, and agricultural chemical reduction methodology, even fertilizer is utilized no more than absolutely necessary. Kounotori Natural Koshihikari Rice is grown safely…
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Yuki Tsubaki Koshihikari Rice

This extremely rare and premium Koshihikari rice comes from less than 0.003% of the Koshihikari rice grown in Uonuma region. The soil used to grow Yuki Tsubaki is prepared using four times the standard cost and manpower and the polishing process takes three times longer compared with other white rice. Frequently receiving awards at the…
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