Kikumasamune Cup Sake, Yokaichi Mugi & Zakka



6403webKikumasamune Dry Sake Cup

Umami-rich flavor with a clean and dry finish.

Item Number: 6403
Package: 6/5/180ml
Origin: Hyogo, Japan
Alcohol Content: 15%





9058webYokaichi Mugi

A nose of elegant bouquet with a clean and smooth flavor.

Item Number: 9058
Package: 6/750ml
Origin: Miyazaki, Japan
Alcohol Content: 48 Proof







Kiriko Bowl Blue Cut
Item Number: 92004
Package: 8/6/3.5” dia x 2” hts








90601webGlass Plate Sekitei
Item Number: 90601
Package: 6” dia








92095webGlass Bowl with Blue Bottom
Item Number: 92095
Package: 3” x 3” x 1.5”








92006webTwo Tone Color Glass Bowl
Item Number: 92006
Package: 3” x 3” x 1”








92642webGlass Hachi Ryusui 154-10
Item Number: 92642
Package: 3.5” x 2”








98767-98393Glass Tokkuri Sango
Item Number: 98767
Package: 3” dia x 5.7” hts [8.3oz]

Glass Guinomi Sango
Item Number: 98393
Package: 2.5” dia x 1.5” hts [1.35oz]

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