Aji, Ayu & Edamame



MTC Recommends:

73120webFrozen Aji Fillet
Item Number: 73120-1
Package: 30/7oz (2pcs)
Origin: Japan

Also known as Japanese Horse Mackerel, Aji is at its tastiest from May to July.





73879webFrozen Ayu
Item Number: 73879
Package: 10/2.2lbs (10pcs)
Origin: Japan

The most delicious of all river fish, Ayu is best enjoyed skewered and grilled over fire.





30302webTade Su
Item Number: 30302
Package: 24/10oz
Origina: Japan
A dip made by steeping the gound water pepper or aotade leaves in vinegar. Traditionally Ayu is served with this condiment.





71077webFrozen Edamame

Item Number: 71077
Package: 24/16oz
Highly nutritious and delicious to boost! Frozen edamame is a crowd pleasing and a quick prep item that’s great for busy restaurants!




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