Hamo (Pike Conger)


Hamo or pike conger is a type of sea-water eel. Much like eel, hamo contains fat and is believed to have palate stimulating quality - perfect for hot summer days.

Fun Fact: In Kyoto, the famous festival Gion Festival is affectionately coined "Hamo Matsuri".

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Frozen Honekiri Hamo

Hamo is a challenging fish to clean due to its thick and heavy bones distributed throughout the fish.   In Japan, chefs prep the fish by thinly slicing the bones, a time consuming process called honegiri .

This item is already pre-cleaned and individually sliced for convenience and ease of use.

Item Number: 73960-1
Package: 24/1.1lbs (about 22pcs)




Bainiku is made from mashing pitted umeboshi. Great as a toppings or mixed in a sauce.
Item Number: 60823
Package: 24/9.8oz
Origin: Japan





23259Karashi Sumiso

Karashi Su Miso is a blend of Saikyo shiro (white) miso and hot mustard and vinegar. This sweet-spicy-tart sauce is great as salad or vegetable dressing or sauce over seafood and meat dishes.

Item Number: 23259
Package: 4/12/4.23oz
Origin: Japan





23258Yuzu Miso

Yuzu Miso is a blend of Saikyo shiro miso and zesty grated yuzu zest. Traditionally Yuzu Miso is used as a sauce or topping on dishes like daikon radish, but it's also great as an all-around condiment for seafood, meat and vegetable dishes!

Item Number: 23258
Package: 4/12/4.23oz
Origin: Japan

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