Ume Kosho

UME KOSHO (BTL) | Item Number: 23004 | Package: 12/2.11 oz | Origin: Japan

Combining blue chili with Wakayama's famed Kishu Nanko plums, this product adds stimulating spice to the pleasant tartness of plum for a flavor like never before! Goes great with fried food, meat, seafood, and of course hot pot. Combine it with mayonnaise or dressing for use in your own original sauce.

Ingredients: Plum, Perilla Leaves, Salt, Reduced Starch Syrup, Fermented Seasoning (Alcohol, Rice, Grape, Rice Malt, Yeast, Saccharides, Salt), Fish Sauce <Sardine, Salt>, Unrefined Sake<Rice, Rice Malt, Yeast, Salt>, Yeast, Vinegar, Kelp Extract, Protein Hydrolyzate(Dextrin, Plant Protein Enzyme Resolvent, Yeast Extract, Salt, Shiitake Extract Powder, Kelp Extract Powder, Vegetable <Cabbage, Sweet Potato, Tapioca, Potato>), Jalapeno Pepper, Vinegar, Sugar, Red Cabbage Color Extract


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