Miyako Iri Sake

MIYAKO IRI SAKE | Item Number: 24392 | Package: 12/16.5 floz | Origin: Japan

Iri Sake is a traditional and all-purpose seasoning which was used as a substitute for soy sauce in the Edo Period. It has a refreshing taste of plum and rich umami of Bonito and Kombu. Iri Sake is great for seasoning white-fleshed sashimi, salads or pickled dishes.

Water, Sugar, Salt, Vinegar, Rice Wine (Rice, Malted Rice, Alcohol), Mirin (Sugar, Sweet Rice, Alcohol), Reduced Starch Syrup, Seasoned Vinegar(Vinegar, Salted Plum Juice, Salt, Perilla Leaf Flavor, Elderberry Juice, Perilla Leaf Color), Citric Acid, Bonito Flakes, Yeast Extract, Kombu, Dried Shiitake Mushroom, Salted Plum

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