Hyaku Rice Shochu

"HYAKU" is made by the distinguished Takahashi Brewery, where the company's dream "to spread the joy of Rice Shochu Food Pairings" has given birth to "The Ultimate Rice Shochu for Sushi".

Selecting only "All Kumamoto-made" ingredients, the chosen rice is "Mori-no-Kuma-san" (Forest Bear), Kumamoto-grown rice ranked Best-in-Japan for flavor. For water, Kuma Basin's underground "Kuma River" water, known for having one of the three swiftest currents in all of Japan, is used. Furthermore, this Rice Shochu is produced from a unique "All-Koji Ginjo" fermentation method, drawing out an Umami-rich flavor comparable to Sake.

Following the expertise of Tokyo's famed "Sushi-Sho" Yotsuya, the alcohol percentage is set slightly lower, at 23%, in order to best draw out sushi's delicate Umami. To understand its true essence, start by trying Hyaku Shochu straight. The gentle umami and sweetness defy all previous, conventional Shochu, and its dignified finish makes this the Ultimate Rice Shochu. Now it is possible to enjoy the absolute best marriage of delicate Japanese dishes, and Rice Shochu.    

*Import order only.

Item Number: 560
Package: 6/750 ml
Origin: Kumamoto, Japan
Alcohol Content: 23% (46 Proof)

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