Hitakami Nakadori Daiginjo

Hirako Shuzo was founded in Ishinomaki City, a port town in Miyagi Prefecture in 1861, by branching out from Kikunotsukasa Shuzo in Iwate Prefecture. Ishinomaki City is located at the mouth of the Kitakami River that runs through the northeastern part of the country. It is home to the Kinkazan Fishing Grounds, one of the three major fishing grounds in the world, where warm and cold currents meet. Based on such regional characteristics, Hirako Shuzo continues its pursuit to produce elegant sake with a moderate aroma that would be paired perfectly with seafood and sushi.

Gentle aroma of banana, pear, pineapple and apple compote with petite yellow flower. Very soft entrance, quiet acidity,  juicy fruits expand in mid-palate, rounded mouthfeel, lifted silky finish. Elegance and craftsmanship show in this sake.

Item Number: 10362
Package: 6/720 ml
Origin: Miyagi, Japan
Brewery: Hirako Shuzo
Alcohol Content: 17%
Nihonshudo: 0

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