Hichifuku Shirodashi Gluten Free

HICHIFUKU SHIRODASHI GLUTEN FREE | Item Number: 32893 | Package: 12/20 fl oz (600 ml) | Origin: Japan

Packed with umami and flavor, only a small amount of Hichifuku Brewery’s Shiradashi is needed to perfect the flavor of your cooking. It helps tie all the flavors together which makes for easier and quicker cooking. It can be used in a wide variety of dishes, from oden to nikujaga stews, from fried eggs to mixed rice, and even in hot pots as a sauce when combined with tomato juice.

Ingredients: Seasoning (Dried Bonito, Dried Horse Mackerel, Dried Frigate Tuna, Japanese Shiitake Mushroom, Kelp), Rice Fermented Seasoning (Rice, Salt), Millet Jelly, Sweet Rice Wine <Sweet Rice, Koji Rice, Brewed Alcohol (Sugar Cane), Distilled Spirit Made From Rice, Glucose Syrup (Sweet Potato)>, Yeast Extract, Alcohol (Sugarcane)

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