Manraku Frozen Unagi Shirayaki

FROZEN MANRAKU UNAGI SHIRAYAKI | Item Number: 73734 | Package: 50/7.05 oz | Origin: Miyazaki, Japan

With the goal of making the world’s best unagi or freshwater eel, the cultivation is closely monitored starting from the development, to processing, and until completion. Featuring 100% traceability for maximum peace of mind, the cultivation pool is fed by underground water that nurtures the unagi with the original compound feed. Furthermore, the unagi must clear a 5-point inspection covering the flesh, fat, smell, bone structure, and taste, before being used. Carefully selected unagi are then grilled to absolute perfection by artisans who meticulously ascertain the strength of steam, burner, and charcoal levels.

Shirayaki is similar to kabayaki in that the fish is filleted, deboned, butterflied, skewered, and grilled. However, in shirayaki-style cooking, the fish l is roasted without the tare sauce and seasoned only with salt, a cooking method ensuring that the genuine flavor of the eel is the highlight. Enjoy Manraku brand Unagi Shirayaki with salt or citrus juice, wasabi with soy sauce, and more!

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