Awajishima Tsubu Moshio

AWAJISHIMA TSUBU MOSHIO | Item Number: 30638 | Package: 50/1.41 oz | Origin: Japan

Tsubu Moshio are big crystal moshio. All ingredients are 100% sourced from Awaji-shima. The delicate seaweed aroma and rich, flavor-packed umami cooked up carefully by seasoned salt artisans perfectly complement the most demanding servings of meat or fish: a masterpiece infused with the riches of Awaji Island’s surrounding seas.

What is Moshio?

The development of moshio, seaweed salt, has a quite of a history where it initially started during the ancient times when the Japanese were burning seaweed and using the resulting ashes as their salt. As time progressed, the salt making technique advanced to drying gathered seaweed under the sun until salt crystals formed which were rinsed off into a pool of salt water to create a concentrated brine that was then boiled down to form a crystallized salt.

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