Assorted Frozen Vegetables

Quick-prep and cost-effective frozen vegetables are secret weapons for busy restaurant kitchens. Vegetables are carefully prepped and frozen to retain the perfect crisp-tender texture.

Frozen Kinpira Gobo Mix
Ingredients: Burdock Roots, Carrots

Frozen Rangiri Satoimo
Ingredients: Satoimo (Japanese Taro)

Frozen Blanched Broccoli
Ingredients: Broccoli

FROZEN KINPIRA GOBO MIX | Item Number: 74919 | Package: 24/1.1 lbs | Origin: China

FROZEN RANGIRI SATOIMO | Item Number: 70481 | Package: 24/1.1 lbs (about 30pcs) | Origin: China

FROZEN BLANCHED BROCCOLI | Item Number: 74925 | Package: 24/1.1 lbs | Origin: China