B&K Classic Cocktails Daiquiri

B&K CLASSIC COCKTAILS DAIQUIRI | Item Number: 10564 | Package: 12/100 ml | Origin: USA

Made with premium rum, pure cane sugar and TrueCitrus lime juice.

Directions: Fill glass with favorite cocktail ice and pour B&K Daiquiri over ice. Garnish with a lime wheel (optional).

ABV: 18%

About B&K Classic Cocktails:

B&K Classic Cocktails Co. was founded in 2018 by Matt Bostick and David King after years of running a bottled cocktail program at their restaurant/bar, Baldoria. Subsequent to many afternoons of hand-batching and bottle craft cocktails for their restaurant, they asked: why can't everyone, everywhere have a bottled cocktail just like these? Which is where the idea "Be Modern. Drink Classic." came from. B&K asks everyone to get with times by enjoying convenient, ready-to-drink cocktails that are made with the same care, premium spirits, and classic recipes that any mustachioed mixology bar would be proud to call their own.

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