The Power of Koji & The Health Benefits of Amazake

Amazake is a deliciously sweet fermented Sake from Japan.

Historically, Amazake has been around since Kofun period (around 250 to 538 AD), however, due to its health and beauty benefits, what was once enjoyed only during winter time, is now enjoyed all year round.

There are numerous benefits of Amazake. It promotes beautiful skin & hair growth, relieves constipation, aids weight loss, relieves fatigue, increases concentration, aids good sleep and more. Because of these benefits and its nutritional content, Amazake is colloquially called “super drink” or “drinkable IV drip fluid”.

Amazake contains 13 beauty and health boosting ingredients.


1) Kojic acid: Known to suppress the formation of melanin and to brighten the skin.

2) Vitamin B2: Known for metabolizing fat and maintaining healthy skin, hair and nail as well as protecting mucous membrane. It’s also effective prevention and remedy for stomatitis.

3) Ferulic acid: A natural anti-oxidant that prevents body from harmful substances and promotes cell metabolism making the skin smoother, softer and younger looking.

4) Digestive enzymes: “amylase” and “protease” break down carbohydrates and proteins and convert them into energy. These enzymes reduce the excessive components from accumulating in the body.

5) Vegetable fiber: A high dietary fiber that helps relieve constipation. It coats the intestine and creates barrier to prevent the body from absorbing extra sugar and fat.

6) Oligosaccharide: Indigestible in the small intestine so they reach the large intestine where beneficial colonic bacteria break them down to absorbable nutrients. Bifidobacterium is one of the beneficial bacteria that fights bad bacteria and improves intestinal flora.

7) Cysteine: A type of amino acid that helps nourish clear, bright skin, healthy nails, and hair. It is also a key component of keratin, which strengthens hair and prevents hair loss.

8) Biotin: A type of vitamin B group that helps the formation of collagen, which is indispensable for beautiful skin and hair. It also promotes blood circulation of the scalp.


1) Vitamin B6: A water-soluble vitamin that calm and maintain a healthy nervous system. It is excellent in relieving depressive symptoms and PMS. Furthermore, it supports decomposition and absorption of proteins and maintains healthy skin, mucous membrane, teeth, and hair.

2) Pantothenic acid: Also called Vitamin B5 or anti-stress vitamin, it helps battle stress by helping the parasympathetic nerve. It’s also great for weight loss as pantothenic acid helps in breaking down fats and carbohydrates.

3) Folic acid: Similar to Vitamin B2, B6, and Pantothenic acid, folic acid promotes generation of new red blood cells to prevent and fight anemia.

4) GABA (Amino Acid): An amino acid that promotes the function of parasympathetic nerves, helps reduce stress and enhance relaxation effect. It also reduces high blood pressure and helps normalize the function of the liver and kidney that breaks down alcohol and discharge sodium ions.

5) Glucose: A type of sugar which the brain depends on for fuel. It improves concentration and helps process complex thoughts. It’s essential to keep blood glucose levels at an optimum level for good cognitive function.

COLD MOUNTAIN DRY KOJI | Item Number: 20201 | Package: 6/20oz, cup | Origin: USA

How to make Amazake

Cold Mountain Dried Rice Koji 1 cup
Water 2 cup

1) Pour water into the pot and heat up to 140 °F – 149 °F
2) Stir in Cold Mountain Dried Rice Koji. Mix and pour into a thermos.
3) Let it ferment in the thermos for about 6- 8 hours.

1) If the sweetness is insufficient, warm it to 140 °F – 149 °F and let it ferment again.
2) Amazake makes a delicious base for smoothie. Simple add honey, soymilk, banana, strawberry and cinnamon.
3) Once cooled, store in refrigerator. Consume within one week.

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