Takeyoshi Honda


The King of Sake Rice, Yamadanishiki

Presented by Takeshi Honda
Chairman, Honda Shouten

Takeyoshi Honda, the 83-year-old Chairman of Honda Shoten, is the founder and charter President of the Ginjo Association that put GINJO SHU on the map, thus propelling the Sake industry into the modern era of boutique, fine Jizake. He currently leads studies at Kyoto University and is the foremost expert on soil sciences.

Takeyoshi's kodawari for Yamadanishiki rice is so explicit that he cultivates his Sake rice specifically in a small region of Tojo Town, Kato Ward in Hyogo Prefecture. Developed over a course of his 20 years’ effort, the area is deemed to be the supreme location for Yamadanishiki Sake rice cultivation. The brewery uses 100% shuzokoutekimai or the government’s special designated rice variety, as well as other locally grown Sake rice.

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