Misao Hirano


Hocho Service Center Presents:
Knife Sharpening Lecture & Demonstration

Presented by Misao Hirano
President, Tsukiji Masamoto

Tsukiji Masamoto is one of Japan’s premier knife makers. Founded in 1845, the company began producing cutlery in workshops located outside Tokyo. Today, the 7th-generation owner, Misao Hirano, runs his venerable business from within the city’s famed Tsukiji wholesale fish market, where he personally sells his knives to customers—over 80% of them, professional cooks, chefs or butchers.

Beginning in 1988, Mr. Hirano began traveling to America to introduce chefs here to the quality of his knives. He continues to make annual trips to New York and Los Angeles to educate culinary professionals in knife handling, shaping and care.

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