Perrier Mineral Sparkling Water

PERRIER MINERAL SPARKRING WATER | Item Number: 11015 | Package: 24/11.15 floz | Origin: France

Elevate your refreshment game with PERRIER Carbonated Mineral Water, a timeless delight that has been captivating beverage enthusiasts for over a century and a half. Crafted in the heart of France, this iconic mineral water boasts a unique blend of effervescence and perfectly balanced mineral content that has gained global acclaim.

Unveil a world of refreshment without compromise โ€“ PERRIER stands out as a superb alternative to sugary soft drinks, offering the crisp, sparkling goodness you crave with zero calories and no added sugar. Whether enjoyed on its own for a thirst-quenching moment of pure indulgence or as the sparkling star in your favorite cocktails and beverage recipes, PERRIER's distinctive carbonation adds a touch of magic to every sip.

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