Niboshi Kezuri

Niboshi Kezuri | Item Number: 40215 | Package: 10/2.2 lbs | Origin: Japan

To comply with FDA regulations, only dried small fish measuring 5 inches (13 cm) or less are used and roughly processed. The main feature of this product, which makes it very versatile, is the ease with which it can be adjusted between a light and a rich taste, depending on the temperature used during the preparation process.

For a light and gentle taste
◆ Soak in room temperature water for at least 3 hours (ideally overnight).
◆ Keep on medium heat for 20 minutes (the point at which the fishy smell disappears is a good guide).

For a rich and robust taste
◆ Add dried sardines to the boiling water, and turn off the heat to adjust the strength you like.
◆ If cooked for about an hour, the broth will become quite concentrated (In Japanese ramen restaurants, there are two types of broth known as "cement" style: one is cooked in a blender while mixing, and the other is simmered for a long time to concentrate the flavor).

Ingredient: Sardine

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