Hudson Valley Duck Breast

FROZEN HUDSON VALLEY DUCK BREAST | Item Number: 70580 | Package: About 1.5 lbs | Origin: Canada

Introducing one of Hudson Valley’s specialty products: duck breast. At Hudson Valley duck farm, Moulard ducks are raised on a high-quality, pure vegetarian diet to ensure healthy ducks that are never treated with antibiotics or hormones. While maintaining lean qualities of poultry, Moulard duck breast boasts savory flavors within its succulent, tender meat.

The simplest and most recommended way of cooking duck breast is to score the skin, sauté the breast skin-side down and slowly cook under low heat with, of course, your choice of seasoning or aromatics.

Exceptionally pairs well with red wine but also pairs well with robust deep flavored Japanese Sake such as genshu, kimoto, or aged sake.

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