Frozen Goyo Hazelnuts & Mocha Cake

F-GOYO HAZELNUTS & MOCHA CAKE | Item Number: 70842 | Package: 12/14.8 oz (12 pcs) | Origin: Japan

A perfect dessert solution for restaurants. Featuring layers of black cocoa sponge, coffee whipped cream, and hazelnut cream, it offers convenience without compromising on taste. Pre-sliced and frozen, it's ready to serve whenever needed, making it a hassle-free addition to any menu. Elevate dessert offerings effortlessly with this sophisticated treat.

Ingredients: Whipped cream (palm oil, dairy products [skim milk powder, whey powder, buttermilk powder, protein concentrated whey powder, butter oil], lactose, milk protein, glycerin fatty acid ester, sucrose fatty acid ester, lecithin, flavoring [butter, vanilla, milk], trisodium citrate, water), chicken eggs, sugar, flour, cocoa powder, water, edible emulsified fats and oils (rapeseed oil, Soybean oil, water), edible emulsified fats and oils (starch syrup, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, dextrin, milk protein, glycerin fatty acid esters, sucrose fatty acid esters, water), starch syrup, foods with milk as the main ingredients (skimmed milk powder, rapeseed oil, whey powder, lactose, milk protein, water), maltose, hazel roast paste, instant coffee

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