Frozen A5 Chuck Roll 15mm Cut

F-A5 CHUCK ROLL 15MM CUT | Item Number: 70616 | Package: About 1 lb | Origin: Japan

This is a steak cut of A5 grade Miyazakigyu chuck roll. Chuck roll is a cut that runs from the neck to the ribeye, giving the meat a degree of variability in its tenderness and toughness. This product uses only the most tender parts of the chuck roll cut in our steak.

While 15 mm is on the thin side in the United States, it is a standard thickness in Japan, due to its ease of thawing and cooking. Another benefit of this thinness is that any sinew and thin fat can be served without trimming which results in better yield. One cut is approximately one pound and can be thawed individually making this chuck roll ideal for take-out and specials.

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