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Recipes from the master chef himself...

93216Nobu The Bookbook
Item Number: 93216

Nobu Matsuhisa has become one of the most talked-about international restaurateurs and arguably the world's greatest sushi chef. Nobu: The Cookbook, Matsuhisa reveals the secrets of his exciting, cutting-edge Japanese cuisine.




93271Nobu Miami - The Party Cookbook

Item Number: 93271


Nobu Miami: The Party Cookbook, a visual treat and a celebration of the dazzlingly original fusion cuisine served in the Miami outpost of Nobu's restaurant empire.





93298Kitcho: Japan's Ultimate Dining Experience
Item Number: 93298

A rare glimpse into Kunio Tokuoka's luxurious "Rimpa-Style Cuisine".






81605Kaiseki: The Exquisite Cuisine of Kyoto's Kikunoi Restaurant
Item Number: 81605

"Eat the Seasons" with Acclaimed chef Yoshihiro Murata of Kikunoi Restaurant.






95484Umami: The Fifth Taste
Item Number: 95484

Featuring professional healthy locally sourced recipes from Michelin starred restaurants around the world.

Everything you need to know about umami including detailed instructions for making dashi, the umami-rich broth from Japan.

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