Emishiki Sensation Black Junmai

Restrained aromas of green apple, peaches, white flowers, and pandan with a hint of strawberry and white rose. Rounded but firm mouthfeel with a crisp and dry finish enhanced by minerality and amino acids. Try this with mustard-dill salmon, shellfish, and fruit salad.

Item Number: 10320
Package: 12/720 ml
Origin: Shiga, Japan
Brewery: Emishiki Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.
Alcohol Content: 16%
Nihonshudo: -2.0

Brewery Profile:
This brewery is located in the 50th Minakuchi-shuku on the former Tokaido, in a mountainous area 20km away from Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture. Shiga Prefecture is known for its Shigaraki ware, one of the "Six Ancient Kilns" in Japan, and is famous as the main production area of raw rice. In recent years, the mellow sweetness, which has been a characteristic of local sake since ancient times, has been pushed to the front and highlighted in Emishiki sake. Brewing is lead by Mr. Atsunori Takeshima, the head of the family and the fifth head of this brewery.

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