2-in-1 Mendon Bowl

Separated bottom bowl and insert tray keep noodles/rice and toppings fresh. Microwavable and prevents leakage.

Recycle Code:
Lid โ€“ #6 Polystyrene
Tray โ€“ #7 Other
Bottom โ€“ #7 Other

MENDON BOTTOM CONT | Item Number: 82170 | 6/50/21.2cm dia. x 7cm H. | Origin: Japan
MENDON INSERT TRAY | Item Number: 82171 | Package: 6/50/18.7cm dia. x 5.7cm H. | Origin: Japan
LID FOR MENDON | Item Number: 82172 | Package: 6/50/21.2cm dia. x 3.5cm H. | Origin: Japan

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