Suntory: Advancing Beer Foam Culture with Kami Awa

Discover the Essence of Japan's Beer Culture with Suntory's Kami-Awa! Embrace a world where beer foam is revered like a deity. 'Kami' interpreted as 'Heavenly' and 'Awa' translates to foam - a heavenly combination. While foam might be overlooked elsewhere, Suntory's Golden Ratio Pour is a game changer. Experience the magic of 70% beer perfectly topped with 30% creamy foam, boasting a silky-smooth texture, intensified flavor, and unparalleled freshness. Say goodbye to oxidation worries as this divine foam safeguards the beer's excellence from the first sip to the last. Elevate beer-drinking experience with Suntory's Kami-Awa and embrace a taste that's truly a gift from the beer gods.

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