Summer Harmony: AGARA CRAFT’s Yuzu Ale and Innovative Brews

Summertime is here, making it the perfect time to enjoy Japanese craft beer. AGARA CRAFT, a standout in Japan's growing craft beer scene, exemplifies the principle of "harmony" with cuisine. Rooted in traditional German and English brewing styles, AGARA CRAFT's beers are meticulously crafted to enhance food pairings without overpowering them. Their flagship Yuzu Ale, brewed with harvests from an 100-year-old yuzu tree in Wakayama, is a testament to this philosophy. Its fresh citrus aroma and flavor perfectly complement dishes like tempura and sushi, making it a favorite among beer enthusiasts.

Innovation is at the heart of AGARA CRAFT's brewing techniques - unique ingredients and methods, such as isolating yeast from the sea and brewing with dashi made from kelp and bonito. These experimental approaches reflect AGARAโ€™s commitment to pushing the boundaries of traditional brewing. To read more, CLICK HERE.

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