New Style SAKE: Flavored Nigori & Sparkling Sake


The line-up of Sake at most Japanese restaurants in the US is improving, complete in covering a variety of prefectural regions and grades. And servers are increasingly becoming knowledgeable on flavor profile descriptions and food pairings. And while most guests may prefer traditional types of Sake, there is a growing population of those who have the taste for something a bit more sweet, more like a cocktail.

In the Sake world, there is a new category of the sweeter types, Flavored Nigori and Sparkling Sake, which are catching on even among those who usually don’t drink sweet tasting Sake. With consumers’ preferences changing dependent on moods or physical conditions, sweeter range of Sake is a good offering to complement a drink menu. Granted, sweeter Sake can be a challenge when pairing with foods, however, that may not be important to a guest who has a palate for a sweet, cocktail-like drink.

Generally speaking, Americans show preferences for sweeter tasting foods and drinks, evidenced by the high volume of Nigori Sake sales versus Japan. Therefore, to entice Americans who’ve never tried Sake before, an offering of the fruit-forward Sake is an easy entry point. These new-style Sake may still be unorthodox in Japan, but in America, it makes perfect business sense in a market that’s already leaning toward sweet-tasting tendencies. And in the past few years, Japanese breweries have made exponential product improvements, in quality and in the varieties of sweet Sake and Sparkling Sake categories.

For capturing more beginner Sake drinkers, and also to offer reprieve from the summer seasons of scorching heat, a refreshing Sparkling Sake can be the highlight on the drink menu to drive in more sales.


2863 2878 2964 Yuki-NigoriSho Chiku Bai Yuki Nigori

Refreshingly sweet with mellow body and smooth texture.

Available in 3 flavors: White Peach, Lychee & Coffee

Item Numbers: 2863 (White Peach), 2878 (Lychee), 2964 (Coffee)
Package: 12/375ml
Origin: USA
Nihonshudo: -30.0
Alcohol Content: 10%


3137 MioSho Chiku Bai Mio

"The Champagne of Sake".

Light, fruit-forward flavor & refreshing fragrance.

Item Numbers: 3137
Package: 12/300ml
Origin: Japan
Nihonshudo: -70.0
Alcohol Content: 5%


4543 Hakkaisan-Sparkling-Nigori

Hakkaisan Sparkling Nigori

Refreshing acidity and gorgeous aroma, Hakkaisan Spakling Nigori is great as aperitif or as dessert Sake.

Pairing Suggestions: Rich or spcicy dishes

Item Numbers: 4543
Package: 12/360ml
Origin: Niigata, Japan
Nihonshudo: -25.0
Alcohol Content: 14.5%


5093 Dassai-Sparkling-NigoriDassai 50 Junmai Daiginjo Sparkling Nigori

Unpasteurized, and naturally carbonated Sake. Slightly fruity and refreshing taste.

Item Number: 5093
Package: 12/360ml
Origin: Yamaguchi, Japan
Nihonshudo: +/-0.0
Alcohol Content: 15.5%



6449 Nagaragawa-Sparkling-NigoriNagaragawa Sparkling Nigori

"The Symphony Nigori"

Sweet apple aroma with a refreshing sweetness.

Item Number: 6449
Package: 12/300ml
Origin: Gifu, Japan
Nihonshudo: +/-0.0
Alcohol Content: 17.3%

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