2019 Seminar Guest Speaker: Shoko Baba

Koji Fermentation: Secret to a Happy Gut and Healthy Life

Presented byย Shoko Baba
Fermentation Specialist & International Sake Sommelier, Hakkaisan Brewery

Seminar Stage @ 12:30 PM

Shoko is the Section Chief of International Marketing and Sales Department of Hakkaisan Brewery, a Fermentation Specialist, and an International Sake Sommelier. All of the titles are rooted in her love for the fermented food and the mysterious world of bacteria. She studied the mechanism of fermentation, specifically Koji fermentation, and how fermentation technology is used in various field.

She travels around the world to introduce Hakkaisanโ€™s high-quality products, and she teaches Koji fermentation such as Sake making process, Amazake, Shio Koji, Miso, etc., to general consumers as well as food professionals.

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