Tsujiri Matcha Milk

TSUJIRI MATCHA MILK | Item Number: 20488 | Package: 12/7.05 oz| Origin: Japan

Made with 100% Uji Matcha. This product is highly soluble and is great for hot and ice-hold drinks.

Serve Hot: 3 tsp Tsujiri Matcha Milk + 140ml hot water
Serve Cold: 3 tsp Tsujiri Matcha Milk + 120ml cold water + ice

Ingredients: Sugar, Non-Dairy Creamer (Dextrin, Vegetable Oil, Sodium Caseinate, Emulsifier, Ph Adjuster, Sodium Polyphosphate, Calcium Phosphate), Glucose (Corn, Potato, Sweet Potato), Green Tea, Dextrin, Milk Mix (Whole Milk Powder, Dextrin), Salt, Yeast Extract, Artificial Flavor.

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