Tanaka 1789 x Chartier Blend 001

A first in the world of sake, this inaugural blend "crafted for food" by Chartier awakens the taste buds with a unique natural fresh acidity reminiscent of the elegance and verticality of the best white wines of the world.
Chartier* has created a unique 2018 vintage BLEND 001 by finding the best harmony between Tanaka Sake Brewery’s new Chartier-style sakes. The resulting aromatic sake explodes into a symphony of flavors from the first sip.

Item Number: 10032
Package: 6/520 ml
Origin: Miyagi, Japan
Brewery: Tanaka 1789
Alcohol Content: 17%
Nihonshudo: +3.0

Tasting Notes from Sake School of America Specialist:

A blend of six sake with different flavors are fine-tuned while maintaining a layered and complex taste. Anise, fresh basil, and a caramel-like aroma is accented by tropical fruit. On the palate, it has a light sweetness and smoothness, but the multi-layered acidity of the blend makes the aftertaste even lighter. Blend 001 is light and fruity like a Sauvignon Blanc when chilled. At room temperature it becomes like Chardonnay, where lactic tones and umami richness come out to play. This difference in experience due to the serving temperatures allow for even greater food pairings.

Brewery Profile:
Founded in 1789 – the year of the French revolution – the Tanaka 1789 Sake Brewery celebrated its 230th anniversary of crafting the world’s finest sake in 2019, and the brewery was renamed Tanaka 1789. For more than two centuries, Tanaka 1789 has been producing hand-crafted sakes elaborated by using ancestral and natural methods, giving a complex, rich and singular character to its award-winning sakes made by the best toji (master brewer) using the highest quality rice.

A new chapter in Tanaka’s long story was written in 2018. The brewery had invited François Chartier to collaborate. Later on, he was hired as Tanaka’s new Master Blender to work alongside the toji.

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