Sakura Yamakawa Awamori Shochu

SAKURA YAMAKAWA RYUKYU AWAMORI | Item Number: 10335 | Package: 12/750 ml | Origin: Okinawa, Japan

Yamakawa Brewery is particular about creating kuusu/koshu (aged awamori) and are famous for their products. Sleeping and aging quietly while dreaming of making it to 100 years are their 30, 40, and even 50 years old kuusu. During a time of financial hardship, the brewery chose not to sell "young" awamori and instead chose to endure and let their awamori sleep, believe that one day the "Age of Kuusu" would come around. Among the Japanese alcohol sold in 2017, the brewery launched their special reserve kuusu, Kaneyama 1967 (50 years old kuusu at that time), which is said to be the oldest limited sake in Japan. They endeavor to bring the evolved flavor of aged awamori, lost traditions, and their founding principles.

Tasting Notes from Sake School of America Specialist:

This gem of a kuusu (aged awamori) is meant to be sipped slowly after a meal, but definitely try it out with an equally rich dessert. This delicious spirit is cask strength and created by blending equal parts of awamori vintages from ages 5 to 15 years. Rich in history, character, and flavor!

Item Number: 10335
Package: 12/750 ml
Origin: Okinawa, Japan
Alcohol Content: 43% (86 Proof)

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