Super Frozen Gin-Saba (Mackerel)

SUPER FROZEN GIN SABA | Item Number: 70046 | Package: 22 lbs (13pcs) | Origin: Aomori, Japan

The Port of Hachinohe is the northernmost mackerel fishing port in Japan. Superb mackerel caught off the shores of Hachinohe during peak season are highly-prized and branded as “Hachinohe-maeoki Saba.” Among them, larger mackerel are ranked the highest and selected as their premium brand “Gin Saba (Silver Mackerel)” which are recognized to be the fattiest and succulent mackerel in Japan. As raised in the cold sea of Sanriku, these mackerel are plump with high contents of delicious healthy fats and packed with rich flavors.