Fufufu Ginjo Sake


Morikuni Shuzo is a young brewery established in 2005 and is the only Sake brewery in Shodoshima Island located in the center of Seto Inland Sea. Surrounded by the purest nature and the most breathtaking scenery, this brewery produces one of the finest, traditional hand-crafted brews by utilizing superb rice grown in the coastal area of Seto Inland Sea and mildly sweet spring water from Mount Hoshigajo.

Fufufu Ginjo is a premium unfiltered sake that is light, crisp and clean with a gentle fragrance of highly polished rice and mature flavors. This sake represents gracefulness and tranquility of this island.

Item Number: 1779
Package: 6/720ml
Origin: Kagawa, Japan
Brewery: Morikuni Shuzo
Alcohol Content: 17%
Nihonshudo: +4.0