Myounghee Oh


What is your name?
My name is Myounghee Oh

What is your position at Mutual Trading?
Sales Assistant for Korean Sales Department

When did you start working at Mutual Trading?
April 2000

What is your favorite quote or saying?
"chance favors only the prepared mind” by Louis Pasteur

What is your favorite lat-night snack?
Bindaetteok (mung-bean pancake), called “chijimi”.
It’s comparable to okonomiyaki in Japan.

What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten?
Natto! Its exotic taste with sliminess and unique smell felt strange at first,
but now I enjoy it a lot and recommend to many people.

What was the best moment you had working at Mutual Trading?
Mutual Trading brought opportunity to share cultures and foods coming along
with it as we have diverse work force. I feel that the “taste” extends beyond culture
and country where we can unite with solidarity and community spirit. Also, the
opportunity to cope with various ingredients provided motivation to apply in my

What is your favorite Mutual Trading products?
Shio Koji. It not only tenderizes meat and fish but enriches its genuine taste and
smell. This appealed to me a lot especially because I can use this for my home food.